“55% of our market research respondents said carrying multiple loyalty cards is their main challenge. 80% of them said they are extremely likely to use a mobile solution that enables them to combine all their cards in one App on their smart phone.”

Strapoint is a loyalty app that replaces traditional loyalty cards (cardboard and plastic). It allows any merchant to run their own loyalty programme on their customers’ smartphones at an affordable price. We provide a digital and mobile loyalty solution that enables local and independent businesses to incentivize their customers, manage customer relationship, increase engagement, improve lead generation, and influence customer behaviour.

It combines simplicity, convenience and technology together in one App and it’s accessible on any smart device. It leverage on existing social and infrastructural competencies to achieve business growth. Strapoint works through App in smart phones, so customers don’t need to carry cards.



It cost 5 times more to attract new

It is cheaper to maintain and keep existing
customers satisfied than new ones.

80% of your future revenue will come from 20%
of your loyal customers

Use Strapoint to help you identify your most valuable customers.

Loyal customers spend up to 75% more
per visit than new ones.

It is easier to sell to returning customers than new ones.
Strapoint can help you increase the frequency of visits and get the most from your returning customers

Only 33% of new customers return after
their first visit

Use Strapoint to boost your conversion rate up to 70%.


Customised Rewards Programme
Programme Design
Programme Awareness
Customers Sign Up
We help you set up a merchant account using the merchant app
We work with you to design a reward programme that is unique and profitable for your business..
You display your rewards openly for the customers to see
Customers sign up to your new loyalty Programme using the free downloadable in the Appstore and GooglePlay. Alternatively, they can also sign up at the point-of-sale terminal with their mobile phone.

Works for all your customers
Track Your Customer Data
Marketing Campaigns Done For You
Attract new customers
Assign points/stamps to customers at the POS for every transaction. Points/Stamps are automatically delivered real time to the customers as SMS alert.
Track customer information in real time. For example, number of customer visits, customer spend, date of last visit etc.
We work with you to create and send out target marketing promotions to your loyal customers to increase sales. Alternatively, use our advance marketing tool to target your different customer segments; ‘VIP’, ‘New’ and ‘Slipping away’ with the right offers
Tap into our network of loyal customers, send offers and drive new customers to your business helping to boost sales.



Helps you increase customer retention, loyal customers spend 75% more than new ones.

Differentiates you from your competitors in a crowded market,increases your brand awareness and your chances of attracting new customers.

Empowers your firm with business intelligence for customer analytics to generate customer insight & use that information to influence customer behaviour

Helps your business stay competitive by providing cost effective marketing tool. Customers who sign up to your loyalty programme and sign in with their Facebook credentials on the app have their check-ins automatically appear in their friends’ Facebook feed, giving you valuable word-of-mouth exposure.

personalised backend Tools