Strapoint was twin baby idea at conception. Firstly, it was developed to empower brick and mortal businesses increase patronage and cultivate meaningful relationships with their customers. Secondly, it was developed to help customers to get more value for their money. We help businesses move from the traditional transactional relationship to a robust, meaningful and mutually benefiting relationship needed to be profitable in the digital era.


In addition to connecting businesses to customers, we are creatively restless at improving our value proposition. We are always looking for ways to improve customer experience, create lasting relationships and creating sustainable benefits to businesses and customers


As a relationship management company, we are committed to the values that make relationships thick. We have values that differentiate us and enable us to provide excellent service. We are driven by vital elements that makes relationships blossom. Our values are;

Trust: Trust is the currency of any lasting relationship. We know that trust is fragile and that’s why we do all within our power to honor our commitments to our customers.

Communication: Any relationship is as good as the quality of its communication. We value meaningful communication and we are sure you do. We engage you about things that matter most to you – your customers

Appreciation: Imagine a relationship without appreciation. We are aware people are driven by the opportunity to appreciate and be appreciated. That’s why at Strapoint, we are delighted to be the medium of appreciation and engagement for impact.


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